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Greetings visitor for you have reached Caelestis.NU a personal doman filled with creations and interests. The network is constantly being updated offline/online and is slowly, but surely growing beyond it's capacity. It mainly consists of sites centered around the animanga and gaming genre, but there are personal touches sprinkled around. Whether you are here to explore, to admire, or to lurk — do whatever you want at your hearts desire. Now, without further ado, explore the rest of the domain!

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03.29.24 - Enamour v2
02.07.24 - Whimsical
01.23.24 - FL Theme

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  1. Version One: Iceflowers
  2. Series: Hatsune Miku from VOCALOID
  3. Fonts: Abel, Arial, Quicksand, Raleway, Roboto Condensed
  4. Resources: Photoshop CC, Notepad, Google Fonts, more at Memento
For my past few collective layouts, I always strived to create something different and outside of my comfort zone. I want each of my layouts to be purely unique and this layout was no exception. I wanted a theme color a little more subtle, but still be pleasing on the eye, and I wanted to feature something that's related to my domain name. Hence, this layout top it off and I'm very pleased with the results. I hope you like it because it'll probably be staying for a while!

the owner

I go by Cerine as my pseudonym and I own two lovable doggos; a Maltese and an Australian Shepherd. I'm a freelance photographer and lately been into cozy/cute desk setups. My love for anime/manga and gaming came along during my teens which include Final Fantasy, Pokemon, bishoujo, bishounen, cute, dark, mecha, tech, and feudal Japan-related subjects. You'll see more of my favorites based on the number of fanlistings I own that fall under these categories.

Sometime around 2009, I somehow found my way through graphic designing. Aelyn's work continuously inspired me over the years that I eventually learned to code as well. After being hosted on various servers and under subdomains, it was obvious to me that I needed an actual domain. Hence, we eventually unified our domains to create one network.

the name is the spawn of my sudden inexplicable urge to register for my own domain sometime around 2016 and is currently hosted under Dreamhost. It was formerly known as, but that domain didn't last because name felt too long and the domain extension felt dull. The change in domain name was something that I knew was probably going to happen, but when it did, it was rather sudden. I wanted a domain name that was malleable and could fit any need of mine while still sounding pretty.

Thus, Caelestis was registered on November 2020 from NuNames.NU. The name was obviously based off from my older domain and it derives from the late Latin name caelum which means "sky; heaven." My purpose is to share my personal interests with everyone, and I thought having a little home on the web is nice so I purchased the domain.


Here lies the heart of the domain, a collection of sites that came to exist over the years ever since the grand opening. From games to anime, a small but growing choices of sites waiting to be explored, whether it be a particular collective or shrine! Sites marked with an asterisk symbol (*) next to their names indicates that they're archived and will no longer be updated.

* Draconic »

Clair is probably one of the most inconspicuous characters of the game with very little information about her in official multimedia means. But she's what most drew my attention from the Pokémon series.

Dreamscape »

A collection of shrines and fanlistings dedicated to the series Pokémon; it's mainly based on anime/manga and video game subjects co-owned by me.

Enamour »

Fanlistings approved by TFL and TAFL, you'll find a huge collective of fanlistings from various series and many more from anime/manga and gaming subjects.

I Choose You »

This is a character claim clique from the Pokémon series. Claim a Pokémon of your choice to protect you and to stop Team Rocket from their devious plans!

Memoirs »

A little section where all my updates go and anything under my collective goes here. Entries are also archived in case you'd like to view older updates.

Whimsical »

A pixel claim clique based on the game Kingdom Hearts where you get to choose your favorite keyblade and become a keyblade master!

Below are sites that are updated from time to time and are considered low-priority on my books. They may also be sites that I co-own as well. Although I do encourage you have a look at them when you can!

Future Ploys

Upcoming sites that are in the works or projects I want to keep in mind. These ideas may or may not get anywhere.


There is no doubt that all of my affiliates are equally amazing. They each bring their own unique talents to the web designing community. Despite having different interests and focuses, what they all have in common is their desire to share their love for their fandoms through these beautifully created domains. Affiliation is closed.

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One thing great about the internet is that it presents the opportunity of following other domains owned by lovely individuals who I also adore. Take the time to pay each of them a visit — you won't be disappointed!

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